Bacon Roses


My dad loves meat. That’s really all there is to it.  Especially bacon, then again who doesn’t. This past Fathers Day we spend at my beach house in Eastern Long Island, and I decided I would wake him up with the wonderful smell of bacon, in the form of Roses.

I’ve come across many ways to make these, and some call for crazy methods like drilling holes through pans and tools and nails and ….too much work. There’s no need to waste some perfectly good bakeware, I just used some toothpicks! Roll up some pieces of bacon, insert them in the bottom of the roll to form a sort of cross, keeping them both as close to the bottom of the bacon as possible and close to each other. You could probably get away with doing this without toothpicks, but this just avoids any unraveling possibilities. The toothpicks serve as a way to keep the delicious bacon rolls together, but also creates a quasi stand so they don’t fall over! (For extra thick roses, layer 2 pieces of bacon!)

Put them in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.  The outside should be crisped and browned, and the inside won’t be crisp, but it will be cooked.

Grab some plastic roses from any craft store, or even Walmart! Pull all of the petals off and you should have the stem with a little stick poking at the top. Pop the beautiful bacon roses right in there, and there you have it! A good 20 minutes of happiness for Dad, as they most likely won’t last much longer than that!


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