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Big City, Big Appetite, [very] Little Kitchen

Savored By Sophie

Disposition over Circumstance 

The idea for this blog came from a temperament my mom instilled in my sisters and I since before I can remember: “The party will be as much fun as you make it.” Granted, this was probably something that came about from us complaining about having to go to school, or family parties, or a variety of other “unpleasant” childhood experiences. But I like to look at it with a bigger picture, with the idea that life will be as good, great, and wonderful, and magical as you make it, despite the cards you are given.

I take this idea into my love of cooking. When I moved into my tiny Greenwich Village apartment this past year with one of my best friends from college, I was quite discouraged by our extremely mini 3 square foot measly excuse for a kitchen. It brought me back to that haunting yet wonderful adage, “The party will be as much fun as you make it.” I decided to accept my Disposition over my Circumstance, and feed my love of cooking, rather than my complaints of the fact that you can’t fit more than 3 people in the kitchen at once.

So there you have it, folks. Disposition over Circumstance, in life, love, friendship and food.


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